Simple Tips To Secure Your WordPress Blog/Website


With the growing hacking attempts, here goes some simple but useful tips to secure your WordPress blog /sites.

Tip 1 : Don’t use ADMIN as the user name

Use a completely random username with the administrative rights. If you are using admin as the username for the administrator login then you are just giving the main entrance key to the hacker.

Tip 2 : Use Strong Password

Make it complex. Use the combination of upper case & lowercase letters, numbers along with special characters. The weak passwords can be easily cracked by the ‘Brute Force’ attack. Change your passwords often.  Don’t use simple passwords like password, 123456, 12345678, abc123, qwerty, etc.

Tip 3 : Plugin Management

Update all active plugins and delete all inactive ones.  Click on Plugins >> Installed Plugins and click on update automatically to update a particular plugin.  The updated versions of the plugins are just not bug free but they are also more secured.

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5 Security tips To secure WordPress Website and Blog

Basic Tips to secure your WordPress Website blog

Security-Tips-for-WordPress-sitesWordPress started as a simple blogging platform but with time, it has evolved into a full-fledged Content management system. The fact that it is easy and free to use makes it a soft target for hackers who try to harm your WordPress site/blog, so website security is of utmost concern now-a-days.

Below is a list of security steps which you should follow to secure your WordPress blog site: Continue reading