Buy Cheap Linux Shared Web Hosting in India

Working for a startup and can’t take risks at the starting? Here are some best shared hosting plans in your budget. Because, startups are particularly budget constrained and they need the money so, they have to cut their expenses. Shared hosting is the best when it comes to startups because shared web hosting plans are with excellent resources, fastest and optimized hosting environment and excellent support. Less money on hosting means more money for other things. These cheaper hosting plans could help you to get wider in the online world. With the help of these, you can make people aware of your business and the products you are selling.

The Starter Shared Hosting Plan:

It is for those who are just getting started, like blogs, or small business websites. The package for Rs 89 per month includes:
1. 600 MB of web space
2. 10 email ids
3. 3GB bandwidth
4. Plesk onyx control panel
5. Free domain name
6. Website builder

The Standard Shared Hosting Plan:

For best business web hosting plan for an average sized business, you can take a look at the standard plan. It is basically for websites which expect an average number of visitors per month. This plan for Rs 179 per month includes:
1. Unlimited web space
2. Unlimited email accounts
3. Unlimited bandwidth
4. Plesk onyx control panel
5. Free domain name
6. Website builder

There are many other plans based on your requirements and business size. Choose any as per your need. Check more Shared Web Hosting plans in India.


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