How to Find the Best Hosting Company in India

Best Web Hosting Company In India

In recent years, the number of web hosting companies in India have drastically increased. This has given rise to a very strong competition and ultimately, the web hosting service has come within reach of even the common man.

Today, hundreds of Web Hosting Providers are available in India, with whom you can host your website and this vast range of options has made it difficult to choose the best web hosting company. The problem is even bigger as most of these providers are pretty new in the market or they are resellers and not able to provide the services at par.

Best Web Hosting Company

All this makes the task of choosing the right web host rather difficult as you have to filter out the good from bad. To be able to select the best web hosting company, it is necessary that first of all, you evaluate your exact needs. This would help a lot in your hunt to choose the best web hosting company in India.

Look for the following features and check if it fulfills your needs.

  1. Advanced Technical Features

Always check that the hosting company has a hosting infrastructure with advanced technical features in place. These features must include the latest processor, RAM, OS, etc. And, go for a hosting company that provides plethora of features, so that you can choose better from a good number of available choices.

  1. High Server Uptime and Security

Make sure that a hosting provider provides a high server uptime, so that your website always remains up and available to your visitors. A high server uptime means that it should be at least 99.99% uptime. Anything less than 99.9% would be less and it would be much better if it provide it guaranteed on SLA.

Also, check if the web host provides requisite security measures for the protection of the server and your website. These must include at least DDoS protection and strong firewalls.

  1. Plans and Pricing

It is very important that the web hosting provider offers a plan that cater to your needs. Check out the different web hosting plans and look for the one that best fulfils your needs including the storage space, bandwidth, etc. Also, the plan should be economically priced and come within your budget.

  1. Free Benefits

Also, look if the web hosting provider offer some additional benefits with the plan. These may include different features from different hosts like free domain name, SSL certificate, malware scanning tool, for additional security, etc. These tools are always handy, but not all hosts provide them.

  1. Customer Support

It is the most important aspect to look for as a good customer support is necessary to ensure that your website runs great and if there is any issue, you can raise your query to them. Also, choose a web hosting provider that provides 24×7 support and reachable through multiple channels like phone, email and chatting.

  1. Customer Reviews

Don’t forget to check for customer reviews on social media platforms and review websites. These reviews will give you an idea about the level of service that provider is giving. It’s obvious that you must go with a web host with highly positive reviews and that has a strong presence.


Choosing the best web hosting provider in India, requires deep research and thorough consideration. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you check a web host for the above parameters before making your decision to go with a particular web hosting provider.

As a final suggestion, I would recommend that you try ZNetLive and check it on the above parameters for your needs. I have a personal experience of using ZNetLive since long and I am extremely satisfied with their services and support. And, I am pretty sure that they would definitely have a perfect solution for your needs.

Now, it’s time to take action. Go on and choose the best.

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